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No Sweat,No Sweet Photosynthetic Machinery of Land Plants
No Sweat, No Sweet-Photosynthetic Machinery of Land Plants



Professor Hong-bin Wang has devoted his own mind on the research about plant in adversity for a long period of time. In recent five years, he has gained revolutionary achievement in Photosynthetic Machinery of Land Plants. His related research paper were published inPlant Cell (2 articles), Plant J, Plant Physiol, Molecular Plant and other academic journals as a corresponding author. He also took in charge of four research programs supported by the National Nature Science Foundation (NSFC). At the same time, he has published seventeen SCI research articles which have been quoted over a hundred times by Nature, Cell Host & Microb, Current Opinion in Plant Biology, PNAS, Plant Cell and other SCI journals. As a key member of “Teaching team of Cell Biology and Genetics”, a national-level teaching group, he has achieved great results in undergraduate course teaching.