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      Zoology,integrated combination of former zoology and entomology,two national key disciplines is the key construction discipline of “211 Project”, the engaged course of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program” of Ministry of Education and one of the first doctoral programs and mobile postdoctoral research stations. In terms of discipline development, discipline condition, talents and scientific research, zoology possesses sound foundation and obvious advantages in China. In 1987, entomology and zoology were rated as National Key Disciplines. After their combination in the restructuring of 1997, zoology was assessed again as National Key Discipline in 2002. In the application for National Key Discipline in 2001, zoology ranked first in this field with unanimous vote. Zoology has made great contribution to fields of entomology, parasitology, animal classification and resources, and aquatic economic animal breeding. The former entomology was the only key discipline of entomology with physical properties among national comprehensive universities. With high international reputation, research on entomology and biological control has won many awards including Chinese National Natural Science Award and National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. Research on aquatic economic animal breeding, endocrine physiology, nutrition and disease control has made innovative progress, and prominent achievements have been gained in parasitic protozoology, fish helminthology, wildlife resources in southern China, rat population dynamics and prediction in PRD (Pearl River Delta).

      Main research directions: entomology and biological control, fish physiology and stock breeding, zoonotic parasitology, zoonomy and disease mechanism, livestock genetic breeding and disease control, animal molecular evolution and phylogenetics.