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Campus Culture

     SLS is dedicated to create free and inspiring campus culture with a focus on science and innovation. Various campus activities have been undertaken with an aim to improve humanistic qualities and scientific spirits. Many achievements have been made in activities such as “Challenge Cup”—extra-curriculum works contest of college students, voluntary service in countryside and plentiful entertainment and sports activities.


Wenbi Wu (the first from left), Phd student, won twice the first prize of oral reports in SIP as the highest award obtained by Chinese graduate students.


Li Hanzheng, the champion of the 7th Guangdong Oral English Contest for College Students

Fulfill the Theory of Scientific Development and Serve Harmonious Development in Countryside—Phd students went to Yunnan to offer technological trainings.

Special award in “Challenge Cup”—the contest of extra-curriculum works among college students 


"Blue Letter" called for over 500 college volunteers, each one for a child (left alone at home without parents around) to help them grow up. This activity based in Hunan and Guangdong covers 16 schools for inspection, 8 for pilot schools, and over 500 families. More than 12,000 students have been helped.


successively won the title in the “Voices of Xinghai”